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    The Thermo Scientific molecular biology portfolio offers the most reliable genetic content, superior enzymes and advanced PCR tools to support and facilitate your entire cloning workflow. Our products meet the industry's highest quality control standards and provide performance, accuracy and consistency. Find out more about Thermo Scientific products for each of your cloning workflow steps starting from sample preparation to fragment amplification, DNA modification, electrophoresis and ligation by clicking on the navigation buttons on the menu bar above.

    Standard Cloning Workflow Fast Cloning
    DNA fragment amplification,
    1.5 kb
    1 hour with
    Pfu Polymerase,
    Fidelity 8x Taq
    20 min with
    Phusion DNA Polymerase,
    Fidelity 52x Taq
    Electrophoresis 1 hour 45 min with
    GeneRuler DNA ladders
    Restriction digestion 1-3 hours 5-15 min with
    FastDigest enzymes
    Vector dephosphorylation and
    AP inactivation
    1.5 hours with CIAP 15 min with
    FastAP Alkaline Phosphatase
    Ligation 1-16 hours with T4 DNA Ligase 5 min with the
    Rapid DNA Ligation Kit
    TOTAL > 6 hours 1.5 hours

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