2.2 mL Storage Plate

2.2 mL Storage Plate
2.2 mL deepwell storage plates for the culture or storage of large samples.

Streamline your molecular biology applications with Thermo Scientific storage and assay plates. All plates are manufactured in our cleanroom facility to ensure molecular grade quality. Our wide range of polypropylene plates provides excellent solutions for sample storage and assay set-up, allowing dilutions and aliquots to be handled, stored, or transported easily. All plates are ANSI format for compatibility with automated systems. To further assist in storage and tracking, all plates can be supplied with custom barcoding.


  • Designed for optimal sample recovery
  • Each square well is specifically designed with an independent sealing rim to prevent cross-contamination
  • U-bottom (AB-0661) to aid resuspension or conical bottom (AB-0932) for ease of sample retrieval
Compatible Sealing FilmAdhesive Heat
Max Centrifugal Force5000 g
Max Vol (Film Seal)2.2 mL
Max Vol (Mat Seal)1.8 mL
Shelf Life:
Shipping Condition:
Shipping Information
Storage ConditionAmbient
Storage Condition:Ambient

Certified free from human DNA, RNase, and DNases.